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What is it about?

Blossoming Bushido follows the intersecting lives of an awkward, emotionally withdrawn 5th grade girl, and a samurai of high intelligence and superior killer instinct. Their stories will crosscut between concurrent story lines with the point-of-view switching between the 5th grader and samurai as the story sees fit.

When Felicia Fabian, ten-year-old suburbanite with a blossoming set of problems, from being at home with a tattle-tell little sister, to being invisible to boys, mean girls, and fractions at school, goes into the hospital for surgery to remove an eye tumor, she never imaged just how much her life would change. As the voice that everyone jokingly says they have in their heads for Felicia becomes real, now she shares her body with the soul of Kazuma, a Meiji Era samurai who escaped damnation of the Underworld, and for the sake of Felicia's mind, body and soul she must form an uneasy alliance with Kazuma in order to survive to the tender age of eleven.


Character Studies- this how I start, trying to figure out the look of the characters in the story.

These are the characters studies of the three samurai that appear in the novel.

felica72smallface.jpg (309857 bytes)feliciastanding72.jpg (126161 bytes)


saigocolor72.jpg (177508 bytes)                        executionerfullcolor400.jpg (120991 bytes)              kazuma72.jpg (171737 bytes)



Here is Preview of the first few pages.

page00172.jpg (285622 bytes)       page00272.jpg (301545 bytes)     page00372.jpg (299394 bytes)      page00472.jpg (261923 bytes)       page00572.jpg (325401 bytes)     page00672.jpg (326132 bytes)     page00772.jpg (293639 bytes)      page00872.jpg (298906 bytes)         page00972.jpg (288706 bytes)    page001072.jpg (311996 bytes)    page001172.jpg (269500 bytes)        page001272.jpg (330284 bytes)       page001372.jpg (285284 bytes)    page001472.jpg (306684 bytes)     page001572.jpg (284648 bytes)        page001672.jpg (264782 bytes)    page001772.jpg (293327 bytes)    page001872.jpg (338181 bytes)        page001972.jpg (281024 bytes)     page002072.jpg (272264 bytes)     page002172.jpg (277839 bytes)


Clone of page00172.jpg (497848 bytes)     Clone of page00272.jpg (236874 bytes)    Clone of page00372.jpg (375398 bytes)   Clone of page00472.jpg (562317 bytes)    page00572.jpg (358348 bytes)    Clone of page00672.jpg (239497 bytes)   Clone of page00772.jpg (221613 bytes)  

 Clone of page00872.jpg (240354 bytes)    Clone of page00972.jpg (336758 bytes)    Clone of page001072.jpg (315550 bytes)    Clone of page001172.jpg (343030 bytes)     Clone of page001272.jpg (384045 bytes)    Clone of page001372.jpg (310695 bytes)     Clone of page001472.jpg (322777 bytes)    

Clone of page001572.jpg (290465 bytes)    Clone of page001672.jpg (267422 bytes)    Clone of page001772.jpg (257840 bytes)   Clone of page001872.jpg (386886 bytes)   Clone of page001972.jpg (279641 bytes)      Clone of page002072.jpg (302595 bytes)    


   BBpage001 copy.jpg (339504 bytes)   Clone of Blossoming Bushido p972.jpg (401762 bytes)


Cover idea 1

                      cover1300final72.jpg (362067 bytes)

Cover idea 2

cover272.jpg (274781 bytes)








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